Custom Metal Fabrication

Steel fabricating is a highly specialised form of metal fabrication. It involves the process of combining different metals into one. Steel fabricating companies use this combination in order to create products that are strong and flexible at the same time, thereby ensuring maximum performance and durability. Steel fabricators use a variety of specialised sheet metal in order to make the required structural elements of the product. Most of these elements are used in various industries like aeronautics and defense, transportation and construction, medical and industrial applications, electronics and robotics, plumbing, automotive repair, civil engineering, aerospace and defence, computer technology applications and much more.

The various metals which can be used in custom metal fabrication projects include aluminium, carbon composites, cadmium, polycarbonate, steel, zinc alloys, stainless steels, and many more. Most of these metals and alloys are often used for different reasons. Some of them are often used in order to produce a shape which is not possible with any other material. Some metals are also often used as raw materials in order to make their shape conformable to specific needs of a client. For example, in making a metal car body or vehicle part, manufacturers require a certain shape in the piece.

Steel fabricators in Australia can help you achieve this desirable shape and size, because they know the processes involved and how to apply the right processes to get the desired results. When it comes to custom metal fabrication, the processes which are involved include cutting, punching, forming, welding, soldering, turning, and grinding. Steel cutters are used during cutting processes. Punches are used to create long or short pieces depending on the required size, thickness and shape of the object. Cuts are usually made using hand tools, but some machines are also used to speed up the process.


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